SUPERHUMAN Email, Worth Every Penny If You're Honest With Yourself

Chances are, like mine, your current methodology around inbox effectiveness are inefficient

Regardless of all the new ai driving technologies, communication platforms and teleconferencing nothing has yet proven close to replacing the foundational means of communication; email.  

- get your emails done in minutes, not hours
- process your emails faster, smarter and more organized
- the most powerful and effective emails for business professionals
- the best email experience available
- get to inbox zero for the first time ever
- never refresh your inbox again
- the best way to get things done faster
- improve productivity and efficiency of reading emails
- be brilliant at what you do with this powerful email platform that helps you stay on top of everything by making sure nothing gets missed.

As a service, email is one of the core communication channels that we use every day to communicate with our customers, share information internally and collaborate.

Email can be daunting for many people because it's difficult enough just dealing with your inbox without having to deal with extensive conversations in other threads or trying to find specific messages across different accounts. The sheer volume of emails you receive on an average day (200+) means users have no choice but keep using up brain power by juggling between their mailbox, dashboards and calendars. Now imagine if there was a way where all these tasks could be done simultaneously?

Today we find ourselves checking our email multiple times per day from the moment we wake up until right before we go to bed.  In fact, on average people check their email over 150 times per day.

Superhuman was created for people who are looking to get their lives back from an overabundance of emails, and want to spend more time doing the things they love with the people that matter most to them.  Let’s break down some numbers:

The average person spends about 22 hours checking various inboxes (including school, work and personal) in a week. In other words, someone could take two full days off every week if they would simply stop using email altogether! By signing up for Superhuman you can reduce this number by 12 hours or one whole day per week without any extra effort because your emails will be managed automatically.

What makes superhuman email service special?  Let's clarify what superhuman is and isn't.  Superhuman is not a replacement for your normal gmail email (or gsuite for business email). Superhuman is the most efficient way to actively manage your inbox by fundamentally changing how you think about email.  First you should think respond, delegate, delete, or hide until a later date or time.   This process alone will save you hours of time.  Second, superhuman eliminates the distractions of viewing multiple emails at once by creating a hyperfocused minimalistic view.  This enables a refocused view on each message.  Last, you never need to touch your laptop trackpad or mouse.  Yes you read that right.  Superhuman's advantage is that everything within the program can be easily navigated with simple keystrokes.  Think about how long life would take when you're writing your needs word document if you had to high text then click file copy and then file paste.  It would create unnecessary disruptions in your creative process.  Thats why we just use the shortcut cmd + c and cmd + v.  Now envison working your way through your email the same way.  J and K allow you to go forward and back.  E allows you to archive a message.  Want to forward and email just press F, type the email recipient and hit cmd + enter.  

This has a short learning curve than an instant appreciation for the thoughtfully master experience.  Far to often new technology doesn't make the process or experience better it just makes it different.  In the case of Superhumn the process is better and feels like a truly polished program.

In 2021 current email trends show that just one in five employees will be using email as their primary means of communication.  

Imagine what your work life will be like when you can finally schedule time to process through hundreds of emails without feeling fatigued.  

The Superhuman features were designed from scratch because they wanted something better than what already exists on Gmail--something more intuitive with an easier learning curve than you might have expected when considering this type of service at first glance. They've managed to achieve both so far by being thoughtful about every detail.

Every review I read focused on cost as if the $30 per month is a standardized value measuring point. 

The true measure is how much does email impact your business and the compound that with how much your time is worth. 

$30 for an email client is expensive if you team it in comparison to other mail clients. 

But think about how much we pay for speed and automation in the world. 

This tool is not for everyone. But, it is for power users who can clearly delegate, delete or act on an email with instant decision making. 

The other method that works here is something we already know yet continue to forget that no one can truly multitask. Superhuman is the tactical way to block out the noise, focus your attention and thus drive single attention actions. 

Managing a busy inbox just became as easy as managing your flow of text messages. 

Quick response, request, delegate or delete the messages — even while on the go.